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Color Play! Ankara Romper Styled: Look Two

Happy Saturday🙌🏻!! Look two of the lovely Ankara Romper is a fun play with colors. I have always embraced color and never been one to to hold back when it comes to coming out bold and colorful. I decided to do a little color play with look two of this fun African print.    

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Maxi Skirt &Gingham Restyled: Look Two

Hey Fashionistas🙌🏻🖤 Hope you have had a great weekend. It’s a new week, and yet another opportunity for us to get grinding and work on those To -do lists. Remember “Your dreams are valid, your goals are worth the hustle and your aspirations are worth the fight, don’t give up.!”  My previous post featured this Maxi

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Staying Stylish On A Budget: Featuring Menswear Meet Chic Look.

 Style is that distinctive touch rendered a clothing piece that instantly personalizes it and makes it compliment worthy. Style is creativity and originality combined. Contrary to popular believe that with money comes Style, you can absolutely stay stylish on a budget! You don’t have to break the bank to be considered stylish. Style is projected

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