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Men’s Wear Meet Chic: Ankara Print Dress Look 1

Okayyy!! I’m back at it again! CREATIVE STYLING……….. I like to think of Fashion as my play ground and it’s the one field I am never tired exploring. You see, my brain is constantly on overdrive..as I am always thinking and rummaging through my mind for master ideas.  Most times my thoughts are stimulating productive

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Maxi Skirt &Gingham Restyled: Look Two

Hey Fashionistas🙌🏻🖤 Hope you have had a great weekend. It’s a new week, and yet another opportunity for us to get grinding and work on those To -do lists. Remember “Your dreams are valid, your goals are worth the hustle and your aspirations are worth the fight, don’t give up.!”  My previous post featured this Maxi

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Statement Style Featuring The Maxi Skirt Et’al…

TGIF!🙌🏻🙌🏻😁 How has the week been for you? It’s been another busy one for me and rather exhausting I must say! I meant to write this post some days back but constantly found myself pushing it forward as my job and other personal live matters had me feeling out of my element and particularly lazy…even

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