Finale! Tropical Print Dress Transitioned Summer to Fall…Look Seven.




Fall is finally upon us and fashion and style gets the merrier and fun! What with them fancy prints, materials, boots jackets, coats, color combos and so forth.  An interesting aspect of fall is the ability to transition cool summer style pieces to colder temps weather. For those who have mastered the art, it could be as easy as adding a cool blazer, jacket, or coat to a simple dress to take the style piece on a jolly new ride as I did with this look or by switching shoes.


I styled the dress with a long black jacket, belted to give definition, ( or without unbelted depending on personal preference) added super cool square toe boots b which are currently trending. I finished styling with the green box bag, hat and sunnies and of course green tassel earrings to go with the dress.


Do love those beautiful summer pieces again this fall by layering and styling with key cold weather gears! Sustainable fashion is cost saving and amazingly awesome!

Dress Misguided
Boots Yoox

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