Tropical Print Dress Styled For Day and Night; Look Five & Six




3CBD4DA8-3DF3-4C1A-8AE2-5AD8F31E5E56Happy Sunday! 

Much as I will like to make this a detailed post I am really not feeling well and in a lot of pains due to overworking myself the past three days with mommy duties.  What was I thinking acting like super woman?! Volountering to assist with an event at my daughter’s school without taking the day off my 9-5 like Ade!!! Wrong move! Now I know better and Oh no I am not complaining… just sucking it all in 😂


For look five of this gorgeous tropical print dress I styled with a faux leather black skirt which I wore over the dress. I wanted to create a day time bohemian look and to give the impression of another dress using the skirt as merely a design.  I pulled the dress up and over the skirt, left some part of the dress underneath the skirt as frills. I added a pair of rusty boots, favorite oversized basket bag, green tassel earrings to match, boater hat and sunnies to finish it off.


Look six is pretty similar to five, the difference however is that I styled the dress as a beautiful Peplum blouse over the skirt for nighttime. To achieve this I pulled the dress up completely over the skirt without leaving any traces of the dress underneath the skirt, added a belt to define my waist and form the peplum shape. The straw bag was switched with a compact  green  one which is more appropriate for night. This look is nice with or without the hat. Final look coming up shortly. Thank you for stopping by and have a great week.!😘

SKIRT Uniqlo Old
BOOTS Yoox Brunomagli 


2 comments on “Tropical Print Dress Styled For Day and Night; Look Five & Six”

    1. I totally agree! . My mom took the shots ( for lack of photographer at the moment😄) and she did say the 6th look is her second favorite. Thank you so much for the feedback gorgeous!


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