Celebrate You Not Compare! Featuring Look Four of The Tropical Print Dress

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“Comparison Is The Killer of Joy. Be You, Be Different, Be Outstanding” 

This quote has been my mantra a long time because it has kept me faithfully true to myself over the years. When I do deviate or find myself feeling low at whatever moment particularly on social media (which you will agree with me can be uplifting and depressing all at the same time! Depending on what angle you are viewing it…Crazy!) When these negative feelings creep up, thankfully not a lot,  I am quick to remind myself the reason I joined the platform was not to compare my life or lifestyle with anyone’s but to be my amazing self 😉😁, have fun, impact,  socialize with like minded people, support others and definitely to grow.



Social media, particularly Instagram can be a lot of things to a lot of people. Whatever it is for you ..try as much as you can to not get caught up with the craziness. Let it not make you compare yourself to others, question your existence, your space, your intellect, your uniqueness, your values or eat you up with jealousy, make you want to break the bank, be fake and most importantly let it not steal your joy and happiness. The grass is always greener where it’s watered. Find your lane and stay on it and improve at your pace. You are awesome and wonderfully made. The key to staying true to yourself is to continually celebrate you, your achievements and uniqueness no matter how insignificant you consider it.



I like to think of myself as a stylist, in this case in creative fashion and I believe I am…If I do say so myself. Creativity is in my opinion the number one factor that defines the world of fashion. Every designer renowned or upcoming lends a part of their creative capacity to a piece or pieces of clothing, deem it a style and showcases these designes birthed from their creative thinking to the world of fashion and voila! It is accepted and promoted and they become celebrated. As a result I have come to accept my creativity as a gift hence the reason I chose this style of blogging. What is that one thing  or more you feel gifted and special at? Develop and Celebrate It today!



Ok! I just needed to share that…as it’s been on my mind a while.  Now on how I achieved look four of the Tropical Print Dress. I wore the dress over white shorts as a cape by that I mean that I did not stick my arms in the sleeves. Instead I pulled the sleeves up towards my neck and tied it up in a nice knot behind my back leaving a little room around my neck area. I also pulled up the bulk of the material to my waist, belted the bulk in front, letting the back fall and drape nicely behind me to enable free arms movement. I styled it with white pumps to compliment the shorts and finished off with a little red bag. It’s a bold take on the beautiful dress but one that is definitely doable if you consider yourself daring enough😁😉



Do you like this style or do you think it’s too much of a risk? Please leave me a comment below. I do appreciate constructive criticism. Thank you so much for stopping by!

SHORTS Kenneth Cole
SUNNIES & BAG Local Thrift

HAT Shopbop Eugeni Kim

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