Sports Wear Fashion: White Shirt and Adidas Track Pants Styled for Party!


Hello lovelies…



Let’s talk sportswear fashion! Yes, I am talking about your everyday gym or sport wear  to the fashion Arena and really why not?! Fashion is constantly evolving globally and I am all for the fun and dynamism. Sport wear fashion have literally taken over the runway and streets. Fashionistas, designers and celebs are seen having a run at it.


It is interesting how much fun we can have with our clothings, outfits and style pieces when and if we do decide to just break out of the confinement of Fashion rules and the norm of things. As Fashion designer Alexander McQueen once said; “Fashion should be a form of escapism and not a form of imprisonment”. In order words fashion is a form of freedom of expression, in this case of style.


These were my thoughts prior to putting this outfit together. I stood in front of the closet and thought “I feel like having fun with my look today per usual”  after perusing the collection a few minutes I pulled out my very oldAdidas track pants, originally bought some four years ago postpartum with the intention of getting some sweats and calories out to reduce baby fat amassed during pregnancy. Well…that plan actually did not quite materialize, although I did some exercises, they definitely were not in my adidas track pants lol…I just did not remember to! I however refused to let this baby go as I soon realized I could eke out something from it in terms of fashion.


You see my mom has been the one taking my pictures for a while due to my photographer being temporarily unavailable for a reason or two. As we set out to shoot on this day she asked “Is this what you are wearing today” I nodded in affirmation sensing her disapproval. “Your pants is a sport wear…Why are you dressing it up?” She asked further “Coz I’m adding a creative spin to it, style should never be basic, conformist or confined. Call it my style…” I replied. It was obvious she wasn’t particularly in agreement but left it alone regardless as she knew better than to argue her point. I won’t have it lol😄…really our moms are the best!!


Well.. I wanted to create a crisp,simple and stylish party look so I wore a long sleeve button-up white shirt (white shirts are a good style investment, wardrobe essential and very versatile.. you can never have too many of them) Uniqlo I wore this gorgeous aztec print multicolored Peplum tube top from Yoox over the shirt for a fun twist, added green tassel earrings from Ali Express green box bag with pink tassel details from Aldo I added a pair of patent pink pumps from BCBG to create a symmetrical silhouette and coordinate the track pants hot pink color. I finished off with Just Cavalli pink sunnies from Net-a-porter (they are having a season clearance sale at this time, you just might find something great on a bargain. So check them out if you can. Got my sunnies late last year though.)


This look is really chic and stylish, can be worn to any upscale fashion event, party or special occasion of choice and sure to turn heads.  Remember fashion is all about you, your charisma and carriage. So recreate away!!🙌🏻😘😘😘. Stay with me for the rest of the looks centered around this Adidas track pants and white shirt. Thank you so much for following and supporting. Do leave a comment below. Your opinions are always welcome and appreciated.


A beautiful and productive week to you. Happy Monday ❤️


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