Maxi Skirt &Gingham Restyled: Look Two




Hey Fashionistas🙌🏻🖤

Hope you have had a great weekend. It’s a new week, and yet another opportunity for us to get grinding and work on those To -do lists. Remember “Your dreams are valid, your goals are worth the hustle and your aspirations are worth the fight, don’t give up.!” 



My previous post featured this Maxi Skirt with exaggerated pieces for a statement summer style that is both casual and stylish for day time. See post Here . Fashion is very versatile and the ability to understand and tap into this versatility is crucial and helps one remain stylish whatever the occasion.


Each time I shop a new fashion piece/item I often find myself changing and switching things around to create a different effect/look, it could be as simple as wearing a fashion piece in a rather unconventional way (which a lot of people may often not agree with but I tell you Style is Individually Definitive) or changing the original form by adding /subtracting a thing or two. Sometimes it seem crazy but then again can one remain stylish and stand out without breaking out of the norm?


Anyhow…! I decided to style the this lovely skirt a different way by dressing it up for a formal occasion. To achieve this look I simply switched  accessories and as we all know accessories make the the outfit. The Gingham trend is still much around  and quite the fun print .  I particularly selected this top for my look as I felt I could easily transition it from casual to dressy.


I tucked the top in the skirt this time and added a high waisted brown belt with gold chain detail Mangano to define my waistline. I added an  LBP (little black purse) with embosed crocodile gold detailing and lovely pumps from Thomas Wyldewith embossed gold chain detailing. Let’s just say I love anything with gold accents. I finished off the look with a simple gold neck piece and pearl studded earrings. Add sunnies Standing Ovation 😉👌Finito!



This look is great for formal occasions…think Church on Sunday, seminars, fundraisers, business meeting or even work. In that case a sturdier bag will suffice to accommodate our endless daily essentials for work. I will be posting the third look with this Maxi Skirt shortly. What do you think of this look? Please drop a comment below.


Thank you for stopping by and have a productive week. 😘😘😘😘

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