Staying Stylish On A Budget: Featuring Menswear Meet Chic Look.

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 Style is that distinctive touch rendered a clothing piece that instantly personalizes it and makes it compliment worthy. Style is creativity and originality combined. Contrary to popular believe that with money comes Style, you can absolutely stay stylish on a budget! You don’t have to break the bank to be considered stylish. Style is projected through the colors, shape, cut, fabric, sense of combination, accessories, carriage, persona and a host of things which come together to determine how stylish an individual is. There are a host of ways to stay stylish while on a shoestring budget, you just have to think outside the box. Below are the tips and tricks I employ to stay stylish and fashion relevant. You can too.



*Stick To Your Personal Style/Lifestyle

It is important to remain true to yourself to stay stylish. Work around your income, job and lifestyle. Know your body type, find out what clothes, fabrics, style, cuts, fits etc suits and enhances your body type. What colors suits you, makes you feel great and confident? Stick to those. Just because a clothing piece looks awesome on someone on your Instagram feed or (slide in your fashion inspiration) does not mean it will look good on you, or that it suits your lifestyle.



* Invest In Staples, Basics and Classics

Make it a point to invest in durable clothing pieces that are wardrobe staples or essentials. Work around this pieces days, weeks , months, years in and out. Occassionaly add one or two secondary pieces to enhance them. Classic, practical wears, blazer, neutral color dresses and other colors you like, durable denims in dark and light wash, slips, T-shirts in neutral color schemes. Same applies to shoes and bags.



* Research And Retain. 

Being stylish takes time, research and sheer ingenuity. Research and retain stores with products that suits your sense of style or even other name brand stores you love but think you can’t afford. Favorite them and check them from time to time for amazing sale deals. Also look through the sale and clearance sections of popular websites to score great bargains up to 80% off retail eg Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Net-a Potter etc You will be pleasantly surprised at some of your discoveries.



* Shop Local Thrift/Online Second Hand

Yes! You will be pleasantly surprised at what huge bargains you could score at Second hand and thrift stores. You just have to know how to navigate these stores, be specific as to what you are looking for and also research the good ones. I personally shop quality name brand items @Therealreal, Tradesy and Luxury Garage Sale when I have a little to splurge with but still on a bargain. I also sell my unworn pieces at this outlets and re-shop. Also try ThredUP, another more affordable online secondhand store. Remember to use the search box to stream line and get specific on what you want. Also familiarize yourself with local Tailor in your neighborhood, to help tack, stitch, shape and adjust little snags to make the items better suit you.



*Infuse, Manage And Maintain.

I personally do not shop for trends, else I will have gone berserk trying to keep up, especially since I am a single mom with tons of financial responsibility and little cash at my disposal. So what do I do? I shop smart by infusing a couple of affordable on-trend pieces that works with my already established personal style. I also buy base jewelry/accessories eg earrings, necklaces, belts with Metalic buckles for the glam😁😉 (all at affordable prices). Etc to enhance my wardrobe staples. Also, manage and maintain your wardrobe by mastering the art of pampering your clothes. Launder, fold neatly, hang and organize to get the most out of your wardrobe.



Finally, avoid getting boxed in the FOMO 👉fear of missing out syndrome… by simply going at your own pace. Don’t try to keep up with anyone’s fashion diary(particularly fashion bloggers, influencers etc). You can follow for style inspiration but not verbatim. You will almost go nuts trying to keep up.  Also embrace the idea of repeating, restyling and re-loving your clothes. These amongs orhers are the rules I follow to stay sane, stylish and fashionable on a budget.



Do leave any other ideas you have on staying stylish on a budget in the comment box. Your feed back is appreciated.

Outfit Deets👇

Blazer: Thrifted 5 years ago (Local)                     T-shirt: ThredUP Belt: Local thrift, Denim:H&M’s Shoes:Brogues👉 Forever21 Heels👉BCBG (Amazon) FN Socks: Aldo, Earrings : AliExpress, Bag: Cole Han

More photos below👇








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