Blue, Bold and Beautiful- The Midi Dress!

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Hello there!

Hope everyone’s weekend was off to a good start! Mine started out on a busy note with tons of errands post 9-5 grind but I do have a few fun stuff planned for Today and Sunday so hopefully…..2EE768CD-678C-4A05-A1D1-48A8EBF485EF.jpeg

I am of the school of thought that “More is More” when it comes to my sense of fashion and style.  I do love less statement making, simple and delicate pieces no doubt, however you are more likely to find me in bold pieces, bright colors, statement earrings, necklaces, and other statement fashion accessories. I love all shades of  Blue but Cobalt and  Turquoise are my all time fav. BE1A8176-B534-4B6E-B57B-702BCE0E8228.jpeg

I am wearing this cobalt blue midi dress I bought two years ago at a local boutique in Downtown Brooklyn. I love the simplicity of the dress and the fact that it perfectly accentuates my post-child-birth figure😄. Mamas still wanna slay I Accessorized with the gold Moschino earring , Micheal Kors watch,  Metalic gold bag- (a favorite thrifted find) and broach. I finished off the look with blue stripped skin tights I got off Shopbop and similar colored shoes from Asos.  I also threw on a long black trench coat (due to the cold😄 no I don’t play that ) which I feel really accentuated the look. F5888790-D0B0-42F1-8E8A-3A5EAC63965D.jpeg

This dress style is versatile in the sense that it can easily be worn to work with a long length blazer over it and also for a night out in the city, without the blazer and with the right accessories. I added a similar color cape for extra effects.😉

Hope you like it.

A fun filled weekend to you!


Thank you for stopping by……

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