Style Revamp!

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Hello there!



This look was shot weeks ago but for a reason or two it did not hit the blog. Life’s ish……

I love tapping into my creative ability to promote my sense of style and fashion. One of my forte is creating new fashion pieces from old or new items, making old clothes look new by giving them new life, restyling, changing things around i.e buttons, reducing hems, adding new pieces etc to enhance the item and give it a new vibe. I find it very fun!😁 I was in such mood the day this look was shot. Here I restyled these oldies but goodies I am wearing here ; jacket, midi skirt and top for a chic and fun look.

I love the mix of blue tones ; the skirt , belt, bag, jacket with the bright orange top….quite colorful and mood lifting considering Spring is around the corner and I am just so over Winter! I finished off the look with a pair  white pumps (fast becoming a favorite) which I feel really enhanced the look. (Do you agree?)

Hope you all are getting prepped for Spring/Summer! My favorite time of the year😍😁. I personally can’t wait and literally counting down.

Thank you for stopping by my blog.




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