Neutrals and Color Mix

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Shades Of Grey with Color




The weather has been a bit topsy-turvy the past weeks, particularly the past two days. With temperatures hitting the high 70s you could almost say it’s summer and boom!! the next day hits you with low 40s feeling like 30s and raining all day! Like my oh my what is going on here?!

Ok…enough rants on the bipolar weather. My post today is all about balancing different shades of grey with a pop of color. I often dress according to my mood and tend to naturally gravitate towards color, I am never afraid  of wearing colors in varying shades, mixing and matching…lol. Lately however, I found myself gravitating towards muted shades/neutrals, so it was no surprise I pulled out the grey dress I am wearing here (worn it a few times too). I added a long grey jacket and grey fur bag to go with it. I added a little fun to the look with the gorgeous green tassel necklace (hand made …bought it in 2012). As usual I was cut between donning my grey pumps or multicolored sandals…so I wore both. I also wore a pair of grey socks…..currently trending, but an all time favorite fashion for me (Smiles)…which look do you prefer? Pumps or Sandals?

Thanks for stopping by.

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